ARTIST STATEMENT | Harmonious feeling but Dynamic in Disguise


A pebble has been shaped and polished after many years on the floor of a riverbed. It contains many compounds and soft changing curves, but also many different planes of shape. At first glance, nature has constructed an object that is harmonious, balanced and calming with its soft natural asymmetry. There is nothing aggressive or offensive until you observe a second wave of emotions, the dynamic energy created from the many hidden angles and planes so cunningly disguised by its soft curves and organic shaping.

From a distance the construction of many smaller pieces joined together causes the form to look solid and whole, but as the viewer moves closer, the form starts to cause intrigue. Greater detail becomes apparent the closer the observer looks, and its semi-transparent nature also becomes realised. The base is highly organic, with a mirror reflecting finish that picks up and reflects the interesting random detail from the top form. The top form is mounted on its base form in a way that is intended to make the viewer wonder how it balances itself in a stable manner.

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