Small Contemporary Dragonfly Sculpture

SMALL DRAGONFLY SCULPTURE - Capturing Natures Brilliance

Large Contemporary DragonFly Sculpture (H-146cm)

LARGE DRAGONFLY SCULPTURE - Capturing Natures Brilliance

Layers of an Onion

LAYERS OF AN ONION - Solutions One layer at a Time

Hope Sculpture

HOPE SCULPTURE - Nature and Mankind Living Tandem Lives

Raging Bull Bronze sculpture

RAGING BULL - Australia’s Stock Market Icon

RAGING BULL Sculpture Stock Market Symbol (L-108cm)

RAGING BULL SCULPTURE - Contemporary Stock Market Icon

Shhh...Don't Tell the World

SHHH...DON'T TELL THE WORLD - Courageous People Do Make a Difference

Small Octopus Sculpture (H-44cm)

OCTOPUS (Sm H-44cm) - Chic, Suspicious and intriguing

Medium Octopus Sculpture (H-60cm)

OCTOPUS (Med H-60cm)  - Chic, Suspicious and intriguing

Large Octopus Sculpture (H-90cm)

OCTOPUS (Large H-90cm) - Chic, Suspicious and intriguing

Remains of a Beautiful World

REMAINS OF A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Act Now Before it’s Only a Memory

Remnants of a Beautiful World

REMNANTS OF A BEAUTIFUL WORLD -  Act Now Before it’s Only a Memory

Evidence of a Beautiful World - Environmentalist Sculpture

EVIDENCE OF A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Act Now Before it’s Only a Memory


Essences of a Beautiful World (H-340cm)

ESSENCES OF A BEAUTIFUL WORLD - Act Now Before it’s Only a Memory

Pet Portrait Sculpture-Thinking Dog

THINKING DOG SCULPTURE - If only you could read my mind & hear my thoughts !!!

Pet Portrait sculpture-Mischievous Puppy

MISCHIEVOUS PUPPY DOG SCULPTURE - Naughty is my nature, I just wana Bite something !!!

Machine Gun Shark Sculpture-Loaded & dangerous

MACHINE GUN SHARK SCULPTURE - Loaded and Dangerous Ready for Action ....

Majestic Leo Bronze Lion Sculpture

LEO - MAJESTIC LION SCULPTURE - Majestic, Accomplished & Proud ....

Aboriginal Corroboree Dance Sculpture-Todd Stuart & Walangari karntawarra Colllaboration

CORROBOREE DANCE SCULPTURE - A Universal Message Across Cultures ....

Aboriginal Dreamtime Sculpture-Todd Stuart & Walangrai karntawarra Collaboration

DREAMTIME SCULPTURE - Spritualality, Stories and Life ....

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