Profile-Photograph-Todd-StuartTodd Stuart was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1970. As a young boy Todd was influenced by his father, who’s profession was teaching secondary school children manual arts. As a consequence to this Todd spent a lot of time accessing his father’s workshop, creating, making & experimenting in many different material types. From his secondary school years until now Todd has had a deep passion for conceiving, developing, crafting & creating across a variety of mediums. Todd has been recognized & awarded for this throughout his time with awards from City Council for Craftsmanship (age 11), National award from secondary school for craftsmanship (age 17) & several awards from the Furniture Industry Association Australia for best design innovation crafted for leather upholstery (During ownership of Furniturhaus).

Todd completed his study of Industrial Design at Curtin University Perth Western Australia in 1992. Initially employed as creative designer at “ARTIFEX AUSTRALIA” he created new innovative ranges of upholstered commercial furniture. These were brought to fruition through Todd’s hands-on involvement to handcraft the concepts in the workshop to form the initial proto-type proofs in the 3 dimension form. In 1994 Todd commenced his own business “FURNITURHAUS” which focused on creating & implementing bespoke furniture designs for some of the highest profile Interior designers, Architects & projects Australia wide. In 2005 Todd gained a substantial project in the Middle East that saw him set up a new business in Dubai. Todd gained client confidence in several countries throughout the Middle East for his creativity, ability to implement, craft & deliver to the highest quality, large scale projects of a custom nature.

It was in 2009 when Todd’s career path developed in an exciting new direction. All of his skills till this date were further captivated, applied & matched into the field of sculpture creation both large & small. A number of high profile clients in various major cities in the Middle East entrusted his skills, commissioning him to create large scale commercial master pieces in larger than life sizes of 3 meters, 6.5 meters & even as large as 9 meters in height to successfully create statement & impact within set environments.

In early 2011 Todd returned to reside in Melbourne Australia in the Dandenong Ranges & further explore his passion for sculpture.

Creation Process

Whether the final sculpture creation is large or small, the process is mostly the same, with Todd creating the initial detailed scale models within his own private studio. He then works very closely step by step within his foundry & forging factory to ensure all conceived details are manifest into the full scale creations and that all finishes are fully refined to the intended level. It is his belief that the only way to create a sculpture worthy of signifying with a signature is that one needs to be apart of the sculpture process from conception to finalization.

Characteristic & Style

Todd’s overall style cannot be defined as one style, given his flexibility of ideas having created works both in abstract & figurative pieces. Although a general description of some of the hallmarking characteristics can be made mention; Dynamic & Intrigue borne from the level of detail that also makes it highly believable, Suggestions of movement, Contrasts between fragile to solid forms, or shiny to matt finishes, Intensity created via highly reflective finishes. Harmony projected through asymmetric balances, Interaction & involvement between the sculpture forms & volumetric spaces within but also surrounding the sculpture form.

Commissioned works

Todd enjoys freely expressing his conceptions into his own sculpture forms, but is also just as passionate to implement his unique sculpture concepts to assist a deeper relationship between the surroundings, enhance the feeling, value & meaning of public & private spaces.

Todd has also been selected to join a new business initiative called “MAINARTERY STUDIO” which is an initiative created to collectively support & assist the promotion of high caliber sculpture artworks.

As an overall statement, sculpture as a medium has become one of Todd’s favorite outlets to freely express his inner creative being without the restrictions that normally oppose this idea in the commercial world.

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